Finding An Emergency Kids’ Dentist For My Son

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When my five year old was running around the house and banged his mouth on a door knob, he ended up knocking out two of his teeth, and I knew that we needed to do something right away in order to make sure that he was okay.  Of course, I did not want to sit and wait in order to be able to schedule an appointment with his regular dentist, so I had to find a good emergency children’s dentist jacksonville that I could take him to right away in order to make sure that he was alright.  I needed to make sure that we were able to stop the bleeding and that this accident would not end up causing permanent damage to his mouth, and so I immediately looked online in order to see if I could find a dentist that would be willing to take a look at him late in the evening.

I found a few different emergency dentists in Jacksonville on the internet, but I needed to find one that was close by.  Thankfully, my search did render some results that helped me out, and I was able to rush him to an emergency dentist so that they could take a look at him right away.  I obviously felt horrible for the little guy, and I wanted to make sure that we were able to take care of his mouth and his pain that night so that it was not something that would end up causing lasting damage.

The place I took him to was right down the street, and I now know exactly where I will take him in a similar situation.  It is always good to know where to go if you have an emergency like this.